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Southside Equestrian offers lessons, boarding, and the opportunity to horse show regularly. Additionally, we can help you find your perfect equine partner whether that be a lease or sale. 

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it all started with my camera.

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-Kelly Ann

My daughter started riding with Denise and Alli in 2021 when we were looking for a trainer in Wellington. We spend a week or two every season for a mom/daughter horse show getaway. Little did we know that Southside would soon become our second horse family. They always have the absolute best ponies to fit her changing ability. My daughter has made friends in the barn that she can’t wait to see every year! I can’t recommend their program enough. They are honest, friendly, caring, and on top of everything, fun! 


- Michelle

Our family began riding at Southside in February of 2021, Our girls quickly fell in love with the program at Southside. Denise, Alli and Kierstin work to foster a profound sense of accomplishment in their riders, but more importantly they have fun and form lasting relationships and with the Southside families. Denise and her team offer a truly personal experience, cultivating confidence and strengthening the unique bond between pony and rider. We wholeheartedly recommend Southside for all of your equestrian needs. 


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