Denise Antoniadis

Denise Antoniadis is the woman who started it all! Horses is all she’s ever known from the time her girls Alli and Kier started summer camp in the early 2000s. Denise rode horses growing up but brought her kids all the way up the ranks and now is doing the same for the kids at Southside! She specializes in leasing/selling ponies to other families, teaching the horsemanship and barn skills needed to take care, tack up and untack, and teaching the love for the sport to the children and what that means. She is one in a million and has helped thousands of people with their ponies/horses and finding the right match for continued success.




Alliyah Antoniadis grew up in upstate New York and has been showing on the “A” circuit since she started riding at 8 years old. She learned how to train many ponies and make them show ready for other children to continue their careers for the future. This is how her and her sister Kierstin could afford to show. The Antoniadis family has connections almost everywhere because of catch-riding, leasing and selling safe and kid approved ponies, and traveling to horse shows.

For Alli, being a barn owner and trainer to teach other kids about horsemanship and the top level of show jumping has been the goal from the start.

Fast forward a few years and after competing and learning on the “A circuit” her whole junior career in both hunters and jumpers, she became a professional trainer specializing in the foundation for successful riding and matchmaking skills for pony and kid alike. She states that the keys to success are having an “eye” for the right connection between horse and rider, having the right trainer on the ground who can explain how to learn new techniques in a way that makes sense to each individual, and knowing how to have FUN! Alli has been teaching for 5 years now and is extremely talented both on a horse and on the ground helping others, in fact, she barrel races for fun when she’s not at a show or teaching lessons! 



Kierstin Antoniadis started her riding career in upstate New York with her sister Alliyah training, selling, and showing young ponies to learn the sport and business as well as she could before spending her formative junior years as a working student in one of the top equitation barns in the country. Catch riding and competing in hunters, jumpers, and equitation made her well rounded to become a professional with her specialty being training and selling horses and ponies. Her riding diversity aids in any of the horses needs, Whether it is a schooling ride for a better performance with their rider, or being campaigned to find their forever home.

Jacinto has been working at Southside ever since we built the outdoor ring and started our barn in Loxahatchee. He is trustworthy, kind, honest with the horses and people, and we can always count on him to do the right thing. Jacinto has worked as a hunter/jumper/dressage groom his whole career and always helps everyone out when they need it most.

Jacinto travels with us to horse shows as well, you can catch him at pony island with the kids, braiding up our jumper ponies/horses or hanging out at the international hunter derbies with Kierstin’s horses, always making sure they are happy and healthy to perform.

We are a small group but each one of us doing our part keeps the machine well-oiled, and anyone who knows Jacinto knows he is the best of the best and we are lucky to have him on the team. 




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